Whatever else Captain America: The First Avenger will be, it’s going to be well cast. The latest addition to the gang is Stanley Tucci, who will play Dr. Erskine, the guy who created the Super Soldier Serum that gives Steve Rogers his perfect body.

It’s not a role with much franchise opportunity, as Erskine is immediately killed by a Nazi spy after pumping Steve up, but it’s probably a key part in the first act of the film, and Tucci will be great. I really like most of the casting in Captain America so far, with Chris Evans, Neal McDonough, Toby Jones, Tommy Lee Jones and Hugo Weaving just the folks they’ve announced to date. That’s a powerhouse cast, so I’m hoping they have a powerhouse script from which to work.

The only bummer about Tucci playing Erskine is that it takes him out of the running for other Marvel Movieverse roles. I can think of a couple of villains who would be great if they were Tucci-fied.