Well, it’s
not a dismembered
arm floating around in zero gravity
, but it’ll do. Simple and
effective, and damn if that new mask doesn’t look great. As you probably
already know, the follow-up to the fantastic Dead Space will show hero Isaac Clarke coming
back from near-madness to take the fight to the Necromorphs. Yeah, he
ain’t playing around this time- he’s geared up for war, convinced that
his girlfriend is still alive and content to dismember as many creatures
as he has to in order to find her.

Here’s the reveal trailer if you’ve
missed it.


Make sure to check out the website for more
info on the story- they have an audio log from the team that finds Isaac
Clarke after the events of the first game and a little “Remember the
Ishimura” memorial.

Expect Dead Space 2 to scare you in early 2011!