Thought I’d toss together a compilation of some of the kid-centric, and illegal-to-touch “news” stories floating around this bland Sunday…

Day & Night

You may have already read about the short film that will precede Toy Story 3, called Day & Night.  No one quite knew exactly why it was as different or unconventional as claimed, but it had something to do with mixing-formats and dimension. The guess that the 2D characters would be windows into CGI worlds that characterize the figures seems to be pretty spot-on though, as this featurette dug up by Pixar Planet shows.

I imagine this little short will be pretty memorable if the 3D is implemented well with 2D and CG animation (I’m assuming the story will be worthwhile by itself, naturally). Certainly any attempt to make 3D more than just a gimmick and something resembling a storytelling tool should be applauded…

The Lorax & Hop

Wherefrom they got it isn’t specified, but Collider posted a minuscule little poster for HOP and The Lorax this weekend.

HOP is about the Easter Bunny (voiced by Russell Brand) being hit by a car, and becoming a shitty houseguest to the guy who plowed into him. While the poster is useless, there is certainly a universe where the film could be funny- though I doubt it’s the one we inhabit.

The poster for The Lorax at least gives us some vague idea what the 3D animated film is going to look like. It’s still a ways off (March 2nd, 2012- nearly two years), so this may be the only look for some time.

To be perfectly honest though, I don’t need a Hollywood take on The Lorax. I’ve gotten the only taste of big-screen Lorax I need from the Grindhouse trailer produced at my alma mater…

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