Time and time again we get our first glimpses of the designs from blockbuster properties from various toy departments and merchandise trade shows, and today we’re getting our first look at the branding of Green Lantern from just such a source.

Peter at /Film has gotten a hold of Warner Brother’s newest DC-licensing promotional materials and they seem to include a pretty slick Green Lantern logo as well as a tagline (though it’s probably the tagline just for the toy marketing). The level of detail and polish suggests this is the logo proper, and one we’ll be seeing more and more frequently until the film’s release in just over a year. Have a look…

…they even ‘shopped a ring onto the Consumer Products president..!

It’s logical that design leaks come from tangential sources- the studios are well practiced at shrouding their central productions in secrecy. We’re all familiar with the spy reports and leaked set photos that helped start the online news world (and prompted the modern age of blockbuster film set security), but these leaks are really a drop in the bucket when you consider the volume of conceptual materials produced for franchise films, as well as the multitude of shoot dates and locations. In other words, they really do run a tight ship. However, it’s impossible to keep the lid on as tight when you have a department that has to collaborate with so many other corporations to do its job (which is, in and of itself, to spread awareness).

Considering the fact that Green Lantern’s suit will never even be motherfucking corporeal, we can expect info about the look of the film, the costumes, and the characters from these sources even more than usual, until they actually getting around to rendering their main character’s duds, that is.

/Film has the accompanying press release, if your Sunday is just that boring.

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