At this point I’m almost convinced that voice actors have a bet going to
see who can get away with delivering the absolute worst trailer narration for a
foreign film. There’s no other way to explain why, in 2010, we still
have these horrible, overblown, overly dramatic voices cheapening the
story of any film that’s not made in English. Like anyone that’s going
to buy a movie called Ip

would be put off by the
original dialogue!

However that said, if you haven’t yet seen
Donnie Yen in action as Bruce Lee’s legendary master Ip Man, you’re
in for a treat with this new trailer from Yahoo. Them’s some fast

As we
told you before

Well GO USA is releasing the film on dvd and blu-ray on July 27th. Ip Man 2
will have its North American premiere at the New York Asian Film
and his theaters sometime early next year.