ShockTillYouDrop has a new exclusive clip for the upcoming [REC] 2, the sequel to the frenetic 2007 Spanish thriller, [REC], that was the source for the American adaptation, Quarantine.  This installment takes place immediately after the original and continues the craziness of trying to manage an outbreak of madness within a building, as told through a video camera.  The sequel premiered last year at the Venice Film Festival. 

The synosis (via ShockTillYouDrop): From writer/directors Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza, the sequel picks up 15 minutes from where we left off, taking us back into the
quarantined apartment building where a terrifying virus has run
rampant, turning the occupants into mindlessly violent, raging beasts.
A heavily armed SWAT team and a mysterious government official are sent
in to assess and attempt to neutralize the situation. What they find
inside lies beyond the scope of medical science—a demonic nightmare of
biblical proportions more terrifying than they could have possibly
imagined. Above all it must be contained, before it escapes to wreak
havoc on the unsuspecting world outside.

Magnolia has the rights to release here in the States.  The clip is available starting today on VOD, XBOX Live, PlayStation, Amazon and VUDU, and the film is opening in theaters on July 9.  The clip is below.  I saw it and my thoughts were pretty much what’s in the headline: