Most of the time, when we’re relaying news, it’s from a big Hollywood trade, fellow movie/TV website, massive newspaper or national TV show.  But occasionally, smalltown America is able to grab a notable celebrity and get them to spill on stuff just as well as a larger media outlet.  That’s the case here with  They recently spoke Bruce Campbell himself on projects, past present and future, including My Name is Bruce, Evil Dead and Bubba Ho-Tep.  Here are portions of the interview:

Q. Burn Notice recently wrapped up its third season and was renewed for a fourth. What would you say is the key to the show’s success?

A. It’s actually crazier than that. We’ve just been renewed for seasons five and six without season four even airing yet.  I think Burn Notice is popular because it’s a bit of a throwback in that Little Billy is always going to get his medicine — the bad guys never get away on our show. We’re not jaded. We deliver hopefully a sense of humor and a sense of hope.

Q. Did the physicality of playing Ash help prepare you for the role?

A. The Evil Dead flicks were very physical, but the last one was almost 20 years ago, so that’s not something I draw on anymore

Q. In My Name is Bruce, you were able to poke fun at yourself and at the fan hysteria and cult following surrounding the Evil Dead franchise. How much truth is there in the fiction?

A. More than I would ever reveal here. Let’s just say that truth is a lot stranger than fiction. For MNIB, I just took what I have experienced over the years as an actor, twisted it horribly and went from there.

Q. In Bubba Ho-Tep, fans got to see you portraying Elvis Presley. Did you get any feedback from the Elvis estate for your portrayal?

A. No. I hope the remaining relatives see it because we tried to portray the character sympathetically. It was important to try and discover the real guy behind the persona.

Q. What are your thoughts on Ron Perlman taking over the sequin jumpsuit in the sequel?

A. I’m good with it. Ron’s a fine actor. I’m not doing the sequel because Don Coscarelli and I could not agree on a script. It happens every day in Hollywood. I wish them well.

Q. For years, rumors have floated around the Internet that the next Evil Dead movie would feature a different actor playing Ash. Is that still the case and would you come back for another go-around or is the  Evil Dead franchise is a done deal at this point?

A. I’ll do another sequel if Sam (Raimi) is involved. I wouldn’t be in a remake anyway, just because of the nature of the beast.

Q. Ted Raimi has hinted that a follow-up to “My Name is Bruce” is a possibility. Is that a film you would like to revisit?

A. Hell, yeah. We hope to do the sequel, Bruce vs. Frankenstein this year between Burn Notice seasons. Stay tuned.

You can click over to LehighValleyLive for the complete interview.  Thanks to Ashley for sharing.