JoBlo has an exclusive look at the new Expendables poster.  I like it: simple, to the point.  Basically it looks like the group induction photo for the Badass Hall Of Fame Class of ’10.  It doesn’t have quite the panache of the previous poster, but when you have a lineup like this, you don’t need it.  Too bad that Arnold couldn’t have been in it in a bigger way.  Really hoping the film pulls it off.

Now all we need is the retro version of this poster: Steve McQueen, Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, Bruce Lee, Robert De Niro (pre-new millennium) Al Pacino (pre-Great Ass!), Chuck Norris (pre Walker), Seagal, Van Damme, Fred Williamson, Jim Brown and James Caan.

Then there’s the, uh…junior varsity class photo: Don Wilson, Jeff Speakman, Michael Dudikoff, Sasha Mitchell, David Bradley, Marc Singer and Jim Kelly.

Mr. Congeniality goes to Steve James.

The Expendables opens on August 13th.  You can click over to Joblo for more details and click the image to see the whole thing.