I Love You Phillip Morris, an edgy comedy about a con man — played by Jim Carrey — who escapes from prison four times to reunite himself with his lover — played by Ewan McGregor — seems destined to hit every bump on the way to the big screen.  The film had a tough time of it when trying to land a distributor, met with delays when it finally did, and now the film’s producers at EuropaCorp (a Luc Besson company) are suing Consolidated Pictures for failing to cough up the dough everyone agreed upon.

You’re free to read the legal developments as they have proceeded at ABC News, but suffice to say I Love You Phillip Morris has met another delay and won’t be released any sooner than October. Rulings so far have been in EuropaCorp’s favor, though there will be several months of arbitration and the studio seems to be shopping around for a new distributor on the side.

Devin favorably reviewed Phillip Morris at 2009’s Sundance, and I know I’ve been eager to see the directorial debut of the scribes behind Bad Santa. Stuffiness over the un-apologetically gay-themed story have hamstrung the release of this interesting looking film enough- it’s a shame legal bullshit is going to keep it out of release even longer.

Fingers crossed this doesn’t drag out and the film doesn’t get unceremoniously dumped like other long-gestating problematic releases of the past.

(via Dark Horizons)

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