It’s like bad trailer day or something. First it was the terrible Gulliver’s Travels trailer and now there’s a rotten, lying trailer for The Expendables.

First of all, this trailer is weird because it feels like a teaser – it has no footage from the film. There was already a trailer with footage, so where did it all go? Second, that whole crow and the skull motif make it look like a very expensive ad for a SyFy Channel marathon of The Stand (there was one this past weekend!).

But worst of all, it essentially lies, pretending that Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger have roles that are more than cameos. They’re billed second and third, which is crazy. Anyone watching this trailer would be forgiven for thinking Bruce and Arnie team up with Sly Stallone to shoot bad guys, and then would be really disappointed when it turns out that Sly teams up with a bunch of direct to DVD types. And Jason Statham.

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