It’s a tad late and I’m a tad buzzed on this, the 20th anniversary of my high school graduation (woo-hoo).  I’m working off my netbook, which is more suited size-wise to my daughter, who will soon be one year old, than yours truly.   The wife is watching What Happens in Vegas I’m contemplating my next Worst CGI entry. 

Of course, all of this is neither here nor there when concerning the four A-Team clips our #1 tipster, Brian, let us
in on. I could only get a couple of them to play on said netbook (damned wireless) , so I’m not entirely sure of what’s on the other two.  Regardless, they’re out there and I’m sharing.  I do know that one expands on the helicopter / parachute abduction engineered by the team in a high rise seen in the trailer.  The other is when the team first meets Murdock, and I believe a third is more on the falling tank scene.  The last one is a crapshoot.  Three are over at Yahoo! Movies and the other is at MSN.  Below is the high rise abduction, titled “Heist.”  Enjoy: