In case you aren’t yet excited about this year’s New York Asian Film Festival (why wouldn’t you be, with films like Ip Man 2, Chaw, and Mutant Girls Squad playing?), we’ve got just the thing for you- Death Kappa!

This tremendous trailer will certainly please all the giant monster movie fans in the crowd. It’s really the perfect homage, silly and fun and with tons of men in suits knocking down cardboard buildings.

Death Kappa will rightfully find a place as one of the NYAFF’s IFC Center midnight movies alongside Power Kids, a Pink Film double-feature and a 35 mm print of L.A. Streetfighters. We’ll be sure and post the full line-up for the fest when screenings are announced, but check the NYAFF blog for the full slate.

For those not in NYC, Media Blasters has plans to release Death Kappa on dvd this July 27, but there must be nothing like seeing this on in the theater with a bunch of giggling kaiju fans.