The most unrealistic action hero of all time (with the possible exception of Summer Glau in Serenity) is back! Resident Evil: Afterlife has its first teaser poster, which comes to us from the Ultimate Resident Evil fansite.
Doesn’t it look like someone went “Wait a minute! People won’t get this whole ‘dimension’ hint! Stamp a 3D on there!”?

In case you haven’t been following the (ahem) exciting Resident Evil franchise so far, this one will once again feature a butt-kicking Milla Jovovich fighting the Umbrella corporation, who’s turned the whole world into zombies. She’ll head to LA this time to bring an end to them with a few new companions (including Jill Valentine once again) and fight one of those big dudes from the game with the giant hammer. Most likely things will happen in slow motion in sad effort to make the action look more badass than it really is, like that abso-fucking-lutely hilarious dog-kicking scene from the first film.