We must be your official source for Basil Gogos Wolfman art, because we have a delightful batch of the fantastic posters ready to give to a chunk of you folks, an all you have to do is answer the questions below and send us an email. We’ll do the rest.

It’s funny, Benicio’s Wolfman was an interesting entry in the genre and from what folks say, the DVD enhances the experience. I hope that means more Hugo Weaving, less clothing for Emily Blunt, and more Rick Baker lookalikes getting the bum’s rush. Either way, you can never have enough extra werewolf action unless Sybill Danning is involved.

Here’s the questions, and please don’t forget to include your mailing address:

1. The best wolfman movie ever made is?

2. The coolest werewolf design is?

3. If you were to do another An American Werewolf movie, which city would you set it in?

4. What creature should Basil Gogos tackle next?


Enter to win.

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