As the New York Asian Film Festival continues to reveal this year’s incredible lineup (including a screening of the action/kung fu classic Eastern Condors, with Sammo Hung in attendance!) one of the many films that sounds like an absolute blast is Chaw. You only need to know three words here, folks.

Giant. Killer. Pig.

Grady Hendrix (director of the NYAFF) knows how to make a film fan squee with joy with a synopsis, so I’ll just present you the line from his press release-

CHAW – a box office hit, this bacon-flavored version of THE HOST is a send-up of JAWS only with a giant killer pig instead of a giant killer shark and, probably, a lot more pot got smoked while the script was being written. More like a movie from Joe Dante than Steven Spielberg, and that’s a good thing.

Here’s the trailer. It’s not subtitled but it doesn’t need to be!

The film is having its North American premiere at the NYAFF, with at least two screenings taking place. No word on a possible theatrical or dvd release over here, but we’ll let you know when one is announced. It’s our duty to you, the giant killer pig connoisseur, since you’ve likely worn out your copy of Razorback.

New Yorkers- keep an eye here the week of June 14th for your chance to win tickets to the NYC screenings!