This new movie Morning Glory looks awful. Just the worst sort of
middlebrow, treacly bullshit. And best of all the trailer makes it look
like one of those movies about how working too much and sacrificing
your family/private life is bad – this coming from Hollywood, home town
of workaholics with ravaged personal lives.

Morning Glory has an intriguing cast – Jeff
Goldblum, Patrick Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton – topped off with
Harrison Ford. And not the usual mumbling, confused Ford. This seems to
be a Ford who swore off the booze and weed for a couple of weeks, and
maybe who took a pill or two to clear his head. He doesn’t seem to be good in what we see in the trailer –
he’s way too cartoonish – but he’s engaged.
And that’s more than we’ve seen in years from him.


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