God only knows if I’ll still be doing junkets when Transformers 3 comes out, but if I’m at that press junket and someone from the film talks about how important the story was to this installment I’m going to remind them that they got rid of their lead female (who really believes that Megan Fox quit? Is she putting all her eggs in the Jonah Hex basket?) two weeks before shooting and then hired a Victoria’s Secret model with no experience to play the new female lead. That’s truly the hallmark of people who care about story.

Geekweek broke the news
on Friday and today Deadline confirmed it - model Rosie Huntington-Whitely is going to be the new love interest in Transformers 3. Once again Shia Labeouf is batting way out of his league – there’s nothing regular guys in the audience identify with like the problem of dating a fucking underwear model. I love that Gemma Arterton’s name was being tossed around last week and that compared to Huntington-Whitely she’s the girl next door.