Namco Bandai has just released a third trailer for Splatterhouse, one that will certainly make thrash metal fans happy. Gotta love the blast beats!

This is actually a good indication of how the game will sound- they’ve amassed quite the metal soundtrack here. The game will include tracks from Mastodon, Lamb of God, The Haunted, Goatwhore, Cavalera Conspiracy and Terrorizer. Awesome. Quite the change up from the last operatic trailer, but it would be nice to see something more gameplay heavy next. While of course it’s going to be a beat’m up with combos and moves to learn there also looks like there’s going to be the usual QTEs to fight with. Hopefully there are enough weapons and finishing moves to keep our interest.

Splatterhouse is set for a Halloween release on both Xbox 360 and PS3. Check the official site for more, including some more of the heavy theme songs from the game.