This headline might be a touch deceiving. See, a prequel to Jackie Brown is in the works.. but it’s just an adaptation of an Elmore Leonard book to which Jackie Brown (nee Rum Punch) was an in-universe sequel.

The book is The Switch, and it is about the Jackie Brown characters played by Samuel L Jackson and Robert DeNiro in their younger days, which means recasting the roles. That probably makes sense as The Switch is super indie at the moment, with just a script (by Dan Schechtner, a newbie, and Michael Siegel, who wrote Be Cool) and Elmore Leonard on board. They’re currently looking for a director and financing.

Apparently Tarantino has given this his blessing, even though it wouldn’t really have anything to do with his films. Still, it would be fun to see if The Switch, while taking place years before Jackie Brown, could work in a cameo on the level of Michael Keaton’s Ray Nicollette, who crossed between that film and Out of Sight.

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