Creature effects guru turned director (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans), Patrick Tatopolous, is close to lining up his next project: The Colony, according to  The film revolves around a group of survivors forced underground by the next ice
age. There, they must fight to preserve humanity against a savage
  Stacy Title (Hood of Horror) and Jonathan Penner (At Times You Feel Like Smashing Things) scripted, and Steven Schneider of Room 101 and Vertigo Entertainment’s Doug Davison and Roy Lee are producing.  Tapopodopoulos is also preparing I, Frankenstein for 2011.

Before sitting in the director’s chair, Popatadopoulos was known primarily for his creature designs, including work on Pitch Black, I, Robot, Underworld, The Cave and a ton of other films.  Popopopatopadopoulos also did some TV work on Special Unit 2, the Aquaman pilot and Saint Sinner.  He’s also known for designing the titular Godzilla in the much maligned Roland Emmerich film. 

Hey, remember that whimsical subplot in Godzilla when everyone kept mispronouncing Matthew Broderick’s name because he was named after Tatopoulos?  Was that whimsical or what?  What a buinch of spazzes.