Last July
I did some digging and asked some questions and came up with the belief
that The Skrull Empire would be the bad guys in
The Avengers movie.
Now another website is
supposedly backing up this claim, although they add no new information
(except some likely bullshit info about a guy being cast in a minor role
in a movie that hasn’t even officially signed a director yet) and don’t
bother linking to the ten month old story.

to have two sources that tell
them the Skrulls are the baddies. Peter Sciretti at Slashfilm says he’s
been told Loki is the baddie; while I suspect Loki could be in the film I
feel like making Thor’s nemesis the bad guy for The Avengers is too
limiting – Thor needs to be able to beat Loki on his own.

also claims that actor Kevin Pennington has been cast as Noh’varr, aka
Captain Marvel, aka a Kree warrior. The Kree are the ancestral enemy of
the Skrull. I find this hard to believe on any level, just simply
because Joss Whedon hasn’t even written a script for the movie, as he’s
redoing the existing draft.

Since Joss Whedon hasn’t written the
script it’s hard to say what will be in the final movie. My sources last
year told me to expect the movie to open with The Avengers coming
together to stop a rampaging Hulk; in the comics the Hulk’s rampage was
instigated by Loki, but it could just as easily be spurred by the
Skrulls, who are shapeshifters. My sources told me to look at the first
12 issues of The Ultimates, Mark Millar’s reboot of The
Avengers in the Ultimate Universe, for a basic structure for the first

all of this is up in the air. I think the Skrull would make a great
villain for The Avengers, bringing scope and scale and allowing each
member to have something to do in a climactic fight, as opposed to a
battle against Loki, where half the team would probably be standing
around or have been taken out of the game.

We’ll find out soon enough.