Late last year, Adult Swim launched its Build A Custom DVD program, but it was a bit of a slow start.  In theory, what it was designed to do is let fans of [AS] programming go to their Build A DVD site and program, design, build and buy their very own custom [AS] DVD.  From their mouths to your ears:

As anyone who’s used it can tell you, the customizable program takes fans through a four-step process to create their disc: BUILD IT, DESIGN IT, REVIEW IT and BUY IT.  In the BUILD IT section, fans mix and match their favorite episodes across all series on a 110-minute DVD. Once the content is selected, they move on to the DESIGN IT section, where they select artwork for the DVD case, menus and disc face, as well as come up with a witty DVD name and description.  In the REVIEW IT section, fans confirm all of the details before getting ready to BUY IT.  The DVD is available for a flat rate of $20 and will be created and shipped out to its recipient within six days.

Apparently it took a little bit to fully implement, but now everything is up and running.  They have every episode from every single original Adult Swim show available, even the ones that have never been available for purchase before.  This is actually a pretty damned cool idea – giving end-users more control over how they purchase their entertainment is NEVER a bad thing and it’s always nice to see a company really giving the rapidly-evolving digital marketplace some proper attention (well, sorta).  And it does get better – to get some momentum built for the new and improved service, the folks at [Adult Swim] are actually giving some free custom discs away, and since there are only a few days left to get your hands on one of the freebies, you might wanna go ahead and pop on over there