Heavy Rain, the Quicktime Event heavy murder mystery game that completely changed the ‘Are video games art’ debate by allowing sexually marginalized gamers the chance to make a woman take a shower, could be coming to cinemas according to Deadline. Despite even the biggest fans of the game generally admitting it didn’t make a ton of sense.

The game has sold 1 million copies, and the deal is being closed by Bob Shaye, the guy who used to be the genius behind New Line until he lost his fucking mind and made The Last Mimzy, the cinematic equivalent of the Titanic captain urinating on folks escaping in life rafts.

In Heavy Rain you play four characters searching for The Origami Killer, who drowns his victims and then leaves a piece of origami at the scene; possibly he’s telling them they’re replicants. The title was mostly noted for its gameplay, some examples of which I’ve included below.