of the original Day of the Dead have had a rough decade. Starting
with 2005’s Day of the Dead 2: Contagium and ending with 2008’s Mena
Suvari/Ving Rhames shitfest

Day of the Dead,
it was quite hard to see our loved film treated so poorly, by people
who were clearly just trying to make a quick buck with a cheap zombie

it’s not over yet.

According to Variety, producer James
Dudelson of one of the worst studios in the business, Taurus
Entertainment, is working on yet another remake of Day of the
, this time in 3D. If you
think I’m being hard on them, well, I am. But this is a studio whose
output would have been utterly

until they started putting out sequels to Romero films that didn’t show
an ounce of love towards the source material, like the aforementioned Day of the Dead 2: Contagium
and Creepshow III.

to Dudelson, buyers have been asking for 3D conversions of 2D films
because “3D works well for certain genres, like horror.” But,
he cautioned, “You
can’t just slap a 3D conversion on the wrong type
of film.”

the inevitably crappy low-budget remake of a classic film? Exactly.