In the Loop
is one of the best comedies of the new millenium, so it’s good to hear that Armando Iannucci, the genius behind that film, is at it again. He’s secured 20 million dollars for his new movie, Out the Window, from the same fine folks at BBC Films who financed In the Loop.

Iannucci will be writing the film with Will Smith (no, not that one. The one who writes The Thick of It, the sitcom from which In the Loop sprang) for a 2011 release. There’s no word yet on what the film is actually about, but I spoke to Iannucci around the time of the Oscars (he was up for Best Adapted Screenplay for In the Loop) and this is what he had to say about the next movie project he was trying to get going:

[T]he next film I want to do is a slapstick comedy, something with lots of visual comedy in it and physical comedy. I’m a big fan of Buster Keaton or the chase at the end of What’s Up Doc?. It’s that classic physical comedy that I’ve always loved, and I don’t see that often. That’s the next thing I want to do, actually.

Read the whole interview here.

Via Variety