1 Iron Man 2 $53,000,000 (-58.6%) $12,073 $212,160,000
2 Robin Hood $37,114,000 $10,595 $37,114,000
3 Letters to Juliet $13,750,000 $4632 $13,750,000
4 Just Wright $8,500,000 $4,642 $8,500,000
5 How to Train Your Dragon $5,120,000 (-23.4%) $1,954 $207,764,000
6 A Nightmare on Elm Street $4,700,000 (-48.5%) $1,528 $56,109,000
7 Date Night $4,000,000 (-26.6%) $1,612 $86,699,000
8 The Back-Up Plan $2,465,000 (-51.0%) $987 $34,202,000
9 Furry Vengeance $2,300,000 (-48.6%) $853 $15,147,000
10 Clash of the Titans $1,255,000 (-49.9%) $965 $160,151,000

This just in: The illusion of safety.

Let’s not fuck around, shall we? Robin Hood‘s numbers are terrible if you consider domestic the whole shebag. Universal is going to have to struggle a bit to get the picture anything much more than $100, which is not a gimme. Though it will not collapse like it, Robin Hood is only above A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s opening by four million and change. Of course, Robin Hood isn’t as front loaded by nature, but if the film cost $237 Million, then… well. But with a picture like this it’s all about trumpeting the international. And if this picture is already at $200 Million all in, there’s that. If those numbers are on the money, then Universal didn’t necessarily make a bad investment, and Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott may yet work together again. I like to think they’ll do a civil war film next, with a trailer cut to Limp Bizkit’s “Nookie.” The Scott oeuvre needs more cannons and Fred Durst. I’m sorry (I’m fucking around a bit).

Iron Man 2 opened bigger and fell further than the first film. This is partly because of compacted interest, and partly because even the most ardent admirers of the sequel aren’t going to argue it’s much better than the original. Where I thought the film would have $400 in its reach, the truth is that the film will have to work it to do much more than the original. Hey, $315-ish isn’t something to scoff at, but if the film falls 50% next weekend, then it could under-perform the first film. Let us blame it on the production schedule, shall we? Then again, Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell are in a huge blockbuster, so there’s that.

Letters to Juliet was stronger than Just Right, but even though Fox News will make you paranoid about it, there are still more white people in America than anyone else. The Latifah movie has not been generating much word, but I have heard good things about Juliet, so perhaps one or both can coast for a bit. Amanda Seyfried is a starlet in search of a following. Boobs.

Dragon‘s doing Kung Fu Panda business, expect Date Night to hang out and make it past $90, and possibly $100, and Nightmare‘s going to peter out a little over $60. Warner Brothers is down with Clash as they’ve greenlit a sequel. As Kurtis Blow enlightened us, these are the brakes.