After numerous failed starts and 13 years of development (!), Cowboys & Aliens looks like it’s really happening.

Jon Favreau’s graphic novel adaptation has already amassed a pretty impressive cast, with Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell, Olivia Wilde and Noah Ringer appearing. But Deadline NY is reporting that the film has
grabbed the attention of even more great actors.

According to them Paul Dano has signed up to be one of the cowboys, presumably one of more wispy ones. Also joining up is Keith Carradine who will play the town sheriff and Clancy Brown, who will of course be another cowboy in the battle.

They’re going to start shooting next month for a planned July 29th 2011 release date, so it appears that Dreamworks has high hopes for this seemingly one-note concept. Favreau directing should certainly give us a lot more reason to be excited than we’d expect, at least.

The other big news? It’s being shot in- wait for it- 2D!