You might remember a certain fella who used to post news and reviews and interviews round these parts, Smilin’ Jack Ruby. He’s all grown up into Mark Wheaton and become a real writer, with screenplays, comics and short stories under his belt. Now he’s collected four of his tales into one volume, Four Nails in the Coffin, and it’s really must-read material.

The book includes Night of the Scorpions, a fear tale set in the dusty hell at the US/Mexico border; Last Tuesday, a mindfuck that starts with localized amnesia; Sunday Billy Sunday, about a disillusioned priest who is killing 99 children to get the Lord’s attention; and Bones, about a cadaver-sniffing dog who must deal with a zombie apocalypse. I think Bones is my favorite out of these four excellent tales, and if I’m not totally mistaken, Wheaton intends to tell more stories about that dog.

We have a bunch of signed copies of Four Nails in the Coffin, and we want to give them away to you. If you’re into original, smart horror fiction this is a collection that should be on your shelf. To put it there all you have to do is send me an email (devin at with COFFIN in the subject and your mailing address in the body.

Good luck!