I have had a regime change in my body. I’ve shifted from working evenings to days, for the very basic desire to be out at 7 pm on a regular. For the most part this wasn’t problematic because I’m a late owl by nature, and enjoy being up writing until the crack of dawn. But too many awesome things start from 7-8 at night. Makes me feel older though. The body has a resilient quality to it, but adjusting eating and sleeping schedules causes body drama. To wit, yesterday, my birthday, I stone cold woke up at 4:45 A.M. Speaking of birthdays, congrats to Drew McWeeny, west coast editor of Ain’t It Cool News, and the birth of his new son (born 3/4, the day before my birthday) Allen Miles McWeeny, or – as I like to call him – MC AM.

My mind’s somewhat shot, so here are a collection of buckshot-scatter notes:

- Is Rocky Raccoon the final statement on The Beatles appropriation of American culture or is it Get Back. Dunno.

- I had a dream last night that Senator Clinton made a second appearance on Saturday Night Live. I groaned in my sleep over it, may have even woken myself up. Adam McKay sounded off about the whole SNL thing and how it’s great for the Republican party on Huffington Post. There is a certain truth to what he says, though my feelings for Clinton (while not positive) are not entirely negative. This week has been interesting, but – in the end – Obama may be inevitable. I say that like the headshot on Clay Davis, you can’t trust nothing as inevitable.

But I will say this: though Clinton may look formidable at the moment, inevitability is sinking in just the same, and her parting throws may have taught the Obama camp something very necessary to their survival. Clinton’s not playing to lose, and she’ll do dirt to get dirt done. It may have hurt Obama in some ways, but the facts were that going in Obama was never a clear victor in these situations, and what he did do – close the gap substantially – is impressive. But there ain’t no such thing as half-way crooks, and Obama’s gonna have to deal with dirt. And if Clinton somehow pulls this off, then at least it’s good to know she’s a do-dirt bitch. To misquote Tina Fey. Everyone was just hoping that Obama could close it out to get it done, but the Democratic party is pretty much six of one, half dozen of the other with these two. Obama just appeals more to me for  number of reasons I’ve essayed here before. And his Presidency doesn’t hinge on pulling off Florida. No offense to Floridians, but I can’t rely on you.

As for SNL and its impact on the whole election, I think it’s fair to say that the media is much like message board posters: All too willing to talk about themselves and their significance, and etc, so you get an echo chamber effect. This issue SNL raised is like starting a thread asking for dating advice. Of course some news outlets have called their shots, but the ones with bias tend to announce it. This whole thing is reverb, echo. It’s too bad though, cause it really does hurt the discourse. But so do most of the non-issues raised.

- After Episode 9 of the fifth season of the Wire, when I post my thoughts Sunday or Monday on the finale, I think I’ll title that entry “A PRAYER FOR DUKIE.” I’m watching Season One right now, partly as comfort food, to prepare/steel myself for the finale. I’m prepared for brilliance, I’ve been told I won’t be disappointed. Endings are difficult, especially for TV. Most shows peter out. When ER ends, the through line is so severed at this point, who fucking cares. Same with any number of shows. The greats are the ones who didn’t last so long that they treaded too much water. I’m sad to see it go, but it’s great to watch it leave. Leave as the best show television has ever produced. If you don’t agree with me, you’re wrong. Though if you can name the show, I’ll try and believe you. Sopranos might have an argument, but it strikes me that show has way more fat. There was never a wasted moment on The Wire. But more on that shorty.

- Al Green’s Love and Happiness (especially this remix I heard a couple weeks back that kept up the organ part for an additional two minutes of funktastasy) was fucking ruling my mind, but of late it’s been Gordon McRae’s I Get Lifted. both these songs with grooves so deep you could fuck them.