The most recent Universal Soldier film (directed by Son of Peter Hyams) wasn’t too bad at all and better yet, it brought Jean-Claude Van Lungren Dolph Damme back together in a crescendo of rippling aged muscles and gunfire. Granted, Dolph wasn’t allowed to recreate his brilliant (no kidding, watch the supermarket scene) batshit version Sgt. Andrew Scott in the redux but it still allowed for a nice C-grade romp in the battlefield.

The Hollywood Reporter being your source for all news Universal Soldier, has shared with civilization that the most powerful franchise in history is not only coming back hard, but with one extra dimension in its backpack.

Yep, now you can see just how far Mr. Damme’s forehead knot protrudes because the Unisols are going to be kicking ass in the third dimension. You want to talk about actual merit to the format, it’s B movies. It may be the difference between the theater and the video store for films like this and since 3-D was originally created for gimmick films, I’m all for it.

That said, I’m not one who believes the current 3-D trend is all that bad in the first place. In fact I’m fine with it. Yeah, it’s a cash grab but sometimes it’s fun and you can always choose not to see it all up in your face.

I cannot wait to see Dolph Lundgren all up in my business in the mathematically named Universal Soldier IV.

And let’s face it, the Roman numerals showcase the class this franchise deserves.

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