STUDIO: Grimoire
MSRP: $14.95
RATED: Not Rated
RUNNING TIME: 75 minutes

• Deleted Scenes

The Pitch

Two weirdos bind, torture and kill chicks. They film it.

The Humans

Kerri Taylor, Kathy Rice, Elyse Cheri, Sativa Verte and Nikki Sebastian

The Nutshell

Two weirdos love to make movies featuring hot chicks. They love to tie them up, squeeze their tits and act creepy. Eventually, this escalates to the next level of freaky sex shit. They want to make a snuff film with their beauties. More tits are shown and chicks die.

If that ass had a time machine, it would have Roman Polanski’s cock wedged in it.

The Lowdown

Ravage the Scream Queen is one of my many moments in reviewing that I realize I’m getting older. I grew up with exploitation flick from around the globe that were cut to shit for American VHS release. By the time DVD rolled around, we had any production house spitting out disc after disc of what anyone considered to be sick and depraved. I used to live to see banners that detailed how many countries had banned a film. It was just anything to take part in a bit of passive rebellion.

One has to admire Bill Zebub for taking the time to actually build a narrative. It’s quite different than his previous work, as you can follow the story from Point A to point B. As the rape spree continues, the film starts turning into a series of moments. Kill, tit, quick chuckle, kill, stab, dead, boobs and more two-bit actresses than you ever care to remember. Yet, something has changed with Zebub’s work.

The recent slate of films from Bill Zebub Productions is starting to improve slightly. There’s a slight twinge of better craftmanship. Material flows better and ideas are nearly taken to completion. The problem is that there’s really nothing to give a damn about in this film. Chicks have been raped and mutilated by men before. If a person was going to enjoy this movie, something had to up the ante. Nothing happens. It’s just the rinse cycle of Macdonald triad.

A little bit Kyle Gass, a little bit creepy substitute teacher.

The Package

with some deleted snuff scenes. Basically, it’s a couple of minutes of extra nudity and death. It’s shot well enough for amateurs, but it lacks the finesse of a true fetish video. Where does that leave you? The discriminating pervert will want something hardcore and the casual viewer won’t watch it more than once.

3.0 out of 10