Jennifer Aniston is joining the Judd Apatow family with Wanderlust, a movie that Apatow is producing with David Wain directing from a script by Wain, Paul Rudd and Ken Marino. Yeah, that sounds pretty good to me.

Wanderlust sounds like it’s kind of a riff on Albert Brooks’ Lost in America - Rudd and Aniston will be a married couple who tries to get away from the modern world by joining a commune. The ‘wanderlust’ thing leads me to believe that the commune could be just the start of their adventure in the modern counterculture.

Wain and Marino brought us the flawed but very good Role Models; in that case they were coming onto a movie that was already being developed, so I hope that originating the idea (and having Rudd in from the writing stage) means that it’s the home run it looks like it could be.

via Deadline