some good news about the upcoming X-Men: First Class:
director Matthew Vaughn is bringing along his screenwriting partner
Jane Goldman to work on the script. Also apparently along for the ride
are Thor screenwriters
Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, although I don’t know if these people
are all working together or if Fox has commissioned two competing
scripts. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Goldman wrote Stardust and Kick-Ass with Vaughn, and if you liked those
movies you’ll like this news – which comes from her the
Twitter of her husband, British talk show host Jonathan Ross
. The presence of Goldman
indicates at least some level of control for Vaughn, who is up against
the insane micromanaging of Fox honcho Tom Rothman, a guy who seems to
be on a personal mission to ruin every geek property his studio has.

First Class
hits next summer. Expect casting
soon – I’ve heard some of the names being kicked around and I don’t hate