You would think just on principle that a Ridley Scott adaptation of Robin Hood would be generating a little more buzz, but those horrendous first trailers certainly didn’t help things. Russell Crowe, the washed out look, the warfare- it just doesn’t look like anything we haven’t seen anything before. This third US trailer doesn’t help either, which is a shame because it was obviously made in a last ditch effort to get butts in seats come friday (Wow, that’s almost a Tobias Funke sentence.)

Anyway, they decided to focus less on the story and more of the action this time with fast cuts set to jarring and lame guitar riffs that sound like they were made by a third-rate nu-metal band. Nothing like a little “DAH DAH DAH DUM!” “DAH DAH DAH DUM!” to get the blood boiling for some medieval warfare, amiright?