Members of the Official Robert E Howard forum got their hands on some poor quality pics of Jason Momoa in costume as Conan in the new low-budget, low-rent Conan movie. He looks like a football player going to a Halloween party dressed as Hawkeye (Last of the Mohicans, not M*A*S*H).

This reboot comes from Marcus Nispel, who gave us one bad barbarian movie already with Pathfinder. Momoa is best known from his role as a Klingon rip-off in Stargate: Atlantis; he also got into a barfight at a place I like called Birds in Hollywood and had hundreds of stitches put in his face during reconstructive surgery. He also schtups Lisa Bonet on the regular.

I have a script for this Conan laying around but have never found the wherewithal to actually read it. I really hope that my general malaise about this project is ill-informed and that I am proven incredibly wrong when  the film is finally released sometime next year.

There’s a bunch more pictures at the forum, but in the meantime, check out this image of Momoa playing Conan the Pensive.

via Latino Review