UPDATE: It looks like Warner Bros changed the trailer out. What’s linked below is the previous teaser. I hope this incredible new trailer hits the internet very soon.

This looks to be a weak summer, but there are a couple of big bright spots, and one of them is Christopher Nolan’s Inception. The trailer for the film is playing in front of Iron Man 2 and it’s debuted online in the Mind Crime online game site for the movie (your Second Lifey character can watch the trailer). Someone has isolated the .mov file so that you can watch the trailer without going through all that rigamarole.

This is pretty much a version of what was shown at WonderCon, and this footage has really blown me away. Make no mistake – this film is a big risk. It’s a 200 million dollar cerebral mindfuck. But with trailers like this, it looks like a damn smart risk.

Click here to watch the latest Inception trailer.