Last year I went to a press junket for Two Lovers, a very good little film that starred Joaquin Phoenix; Joaquin had just made headlines for his druggy, hairy appearance on Letterman, and he showed up to the press day in the same state. Following him with a movie camera was Casey Affleck, shooting a documentary supposedly about the actor attempting to transition into a rap career (which is really not for him).

I wrote an editorial about the experience, which got picked up all over the country and led to me being featured in the A&E Biography of Joaquin (and one for Bill Murray, too, which is pretty fucking cool). Now the film that Affleck was working on is apparently finished, and it screened for potential buyers this week in a hush hush session.

What is the movie? No clue. Deadline, who has the scoop, is referring to it as a mockumentary. I have heard that the film is not kind to the press; I gave an interview to Affleck and was recorded at the junket with Joaquin, so I’m curious if I make an appearance in this movie. Deadline reports that the plan right now is to keep the movie as under wraps as possible, so don’t expect too many early reports.

If you’ve seen  this film or know anything about it, feel free to get in touch with me.