Here come the Eyeborgs! Continuing the tradition of great killer robot
films like Killbots,
Attackazoids!, and Runaway,
is set in a future America that’s ruled by security bots. Of
course, they don’t just look out for you, they’re also looking to kill

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It is the near future, and the fear of terrorism has escalated into hysteria.  In order to deal with the paranoia, robotic cameras – “eyeborgs” – are everywhere:  in people’s homes, on the streets, in the workplace. In every corner, lenses are lurking.  But are the cameras used to keep America safe…or to safekeep Americans?  Federal agent Gunner Reynolds (Adrian Paul, “Highlander”) becomes suspicious of this prowling, precautionary system after a series of murders occur in which the video records don’t match the physical evidence.  
Recruiting the help of television reporter Barbara Hawkins (Megan Blake, “Dawson’s Creek”) and the President’s punkish, purple-haired nephew, Jarett Hewes, (Luke Eberl, Letters from Iwo Jima, “Big Love”) Gunner works outside the system to discover who really is controlling the eyeborgs. But it’s G-man (Danny Trejo, The Devil’s Rejects, Spy Kids), a reclusive political dissident, who first realizes what’s happening: “What if they’re not ‘just cameras’?  What if somebody puts in a weapon?” At least Big Brother only watched…

Given the look of the budget on this one
it’s probably safe to assume that Trejo’s involvement is pretty short,
and that we’ve seen most of it in this little teaser trailer. I’m a sucker for cheesy robot films, though, so I can’t say I’m not a little excited to see this one. Give
Eyeborgs a look (if you dare) when it hits dvd and blu on July 6th.