Back when it premiered, I was thoroughly underwhelmed by the new take on V through its first four episodes.  The new episodes in the show’s return from its hiatus this year have been an improvement, though.  Not to say the show’s great or even good, but it’s enough to keep me checking in every week, if for nothing else to see what the Visitors’ master plan is.  That more than anything else is what I’m wanting to know, even more than what the V baby will look like.  Plus I still need my weekly Elizabeth Mitchell fix.

So far, we haven’t seen a human eaten yet (or other animals, which is a downer), V leader, Anna (Morena Baccarin), has called the upcoming hybrid baby a “mongrel”, so they don’t seem to want humans for mating, and Anna herself has given birth to hundreds of V soldiers, so the race isn’t sterile.  So what’s the deal?

TVGuide has an article out with mini-spoilers on the final few episodes of the season, a couple of which are probably bigger than the others.  They include details on the pending birth of the hybrid baby, the use of more V soldiers and an attack on one of the cast members.  There are also details on what direction some characters’ arcs are going to take and whether or not any major deaths will occur.  You can click over should you feel the burning need to know. 

Of course it all might be moot since the show isn’t on the renewed list yet.