UPDATED: Just saw over at ComingSoon that Vulture has more info on this that definitely goes into Spoilerville.  Don’t read their articles if you don’t want to know.  I won’t post what it is here.

It seems that J.J. Abrams is all about secrets.  Fans of Alias and Lost can attest to that.  Three years ago, in front of Transformers, there was a little-known teaser for a film that turned out to be Cloverfield.  And that Star Trek Enterprise construction teaser managed to whet our appetites for a franchise that had grown old and stale.  I’m willing to bet that Abrams is still the only one who knows why Felicity really cut her hair.  And God only knows what the hell Tom Cruise has told him. 

Anyway, Drew McWeeny over at Hitfix is reporting that Abrams has managed to keep a project titled Super 8 completely under wraps, even though he’s shot a new teaser trailer for it.  Well the secret will be out this Friday, when the trailer premieres in front of Iron Man 2.  Head on over to Hitfix for more details, including a video of J.J. explaining his rationale for keeping a mystery box.