Even though the God of War trilogy is officially over, Sony doesn’t plan on hanging up the cestus just yet. Joystiq reports that Ready At Dawn studios, the folks responsible for Chains of Olympus, are preparing God of War: Ghosts of Sparta for the PSP.

Ghosts of Sparta follows Kratos’ (seemingly constant) reign of violent terror after the events of the first God of War, and boasts sharper visuals, more enemies, and “25% more gameplay” than Chains of Olympus. It’s also the apparent purpose of Sony’s mysterious, irriguous Spartans Stand Tall teaser site. Chains of Olympus still stands as one of the best looking handheld games ever, and judging by the screens, Ready at Dawn plans on pushing the PSP even further with Ghosts.

Plan on revisiting Ancient Greece’s most raging asshole later this year.