This Friday the midnight screening tour of Human Centipede: First Sequence hits LA’s NuArt Theater, and we have tickets to give away to the most die-hard, steel-stomached readers out there. There’s going to be a Q&A as well, which it looks like I’ll be moderating. That’s right – you’ll have a chance to probe the minds of the people who made a movie called Human Centipede!

By now you’ve heard the buzz and seen the reactions, but this Friday May 7th you’ll have a chance to see the real thing for yourself. Just send an email to with your name to win a pair of tickets (that’s right, you don’t have to come alone, you can bring a friend!). I have four pairs of  tickets to give away, and I’ll be picking the winners on Wednesday.

Email now! And if you want to make sure you get in and don’t want to wait to win tickets, you can buy tix through the NuArt. And if you’re not in LA but want to go to one of the other midnight screenings listed above, click here for more information.