“This Woman Has Just Cut, Chopped, Broken and Burned Five Men Beyond Recognition… But No Jury In America Would Ever Convict Her!”

That tagline, along with the iconic buttshot of Camille Keaton, is what makes the poster for the exploitation classic I Spit On Your Grave sing. It’s a great tagline – maybe a little wordy by today’s standards, but evocative and awesome.

Now there’s a remake of I Spit On Your Grave, and putting aside the general imbecility of remaking this one of a kind movie, the new poster proves how far removed from the original this is. The tagline reads: “It’s Date Night.”

Oh fuck you. Besides being moronically flippant, the tagline is meaningless. It’s also ironic, the worst way to approach a brutal film like I Spit On Your Grave. Oh, and it’s attached to a fucking remake of I Spit On Your Grave.