Chris Hemsworth delivered in A Perfect Getaway, so he gets to swing Mjolnir at villains. That’s a fair tradeoff. Kenneth Branagh’s Thor is easily the most unique and risky Marvel Comics film (until Jean DeWoff 3-D is greenlit). It could be great and amazing. It could be the nightmares of all the Chernobyl babies digitally projected. Either way I’m thrilled.

Yahoo Movies is worth 99 vermillion dollars so they are the scoopbringers of the first look at Hemsworth (who also played Captain Kirk’s paw, but it’s obvious A Perfect Getaway got him the gig) as the Mighty One.

But if you remember, CHUD had the official Osmosis Jones Message Board.

The full image can be viewed over there, but my take is that it’s fine. He’s a good looking young man and I can’t wait to see him curse in Norse.

Do me a favor, click back here after Yahoo. Don’t want your reputation soiled.