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is reporting
that JJ
Abrams’ next top secret movie is going to be Spielbergian. In every way
possible. According to the site Abrams will be homaging Spielberg but is
also trying to work with the legend, possibly with Spielberg as an
executive producer or at least as an adviser.

As with everything Abrams does,
secrecy is key, but Vulture’s source has some basic info. The film will
be similar to the classic early Spielberg films in that ‘the project
will deal with everyday people whose personal relationships are tested
when they are thrown up against extraordinarily fantastic – and possibly
other-worldly – events.’ And it’s going to be one of Abrams’ low-budget
features, like Cloverfield, except this time he’s directing
it himself. Abrams has a nice set up at Paramount where they
automagically greenlight anything he makes below a certain number, and
this will be below that number.

The source calls the movie ‘the anti-Avatar,’
so expect to see lots of practical work, as that’s a hallmark of the
classic Spielberg films. Abrams plans to direct the film this fall for a
2011 release. We should find out the name of the film when it opens, or
at least by the time it hits DVD.