Ip Man, a biopic on the life of the famous martial arts trainer who taught Bruce Lee, is finally coming to the states. The film was originally released in Asia back in December 2008 and became a massive success, grossing tens of millions of dollars and bringing down 12 Hong Kong Film Award nominations. It premiered at last year’s New York Asian Film Festival (my review) and went on to play Fantasia. Like many biopics the film gets a bit ridiculous at times in its complete adoration of the subject matter, but Donnie Yen is as incredible as always, and the martial arts sequences are top notch. Seriously. But what else would you expect from choreography by Sammo Hung and direction by Wilson Yip?

Course, Ip Man is only half the story, dealing with the beginning of his life as one of the first to openly teach Wing Chun. It’s not till Ip Man 2 that we see him training a young Bruce Lee and living out the rest of his life.

Well Go USA has just announced that it has acquired North American rights to both films. Ip Man will only be getting a dvd release (damn it!) on July 27th, 2010, but Well Go plans to release Ip Man 2 in theaters starting early 2011.

New Yorkers have it one better, though, as Ip Man 2 will have its premiere at the NYAFF this year! (Didn’t I just tell you what an incredible fest that is?)

Check out the trailer below for more.