Recently, it came out that not only had the feature-length version of Hobo With A Shotgun managed to land Rutger Hauer as its lead, but that the fucking thing was already filming! Now, in a week flat, we’ve already got some behind-the-scenes footage, glimpses of the action, and a nice look at the Hobo himself.

It’s kind of incredible to be seeing images from a film so quickly after it comes to fruition, considering it typically takes months for the first images to emerge from the secretive blockbuster productions. I guess that’s what happens when you let a bunch of excited kids make a movie and use the internet at the same time! They end up outpacing their own IMDB page.

Director Jason Eisener and the Hobo crew plan on reporting on every gory detail (including the cinematographer’s asshole) on their blog, and so far have described running out of fake blood, and their excitement about the web reaction to Rutger’s casting,

“To give you an idea of what’s going down, we actually ran out of blood today and had to make fresh batches. And we started out with a shitload of it. Looks like corn syrup is gonna be a hot commodity. We’ve also managed to destroy a bunch of crap around the city, and there’s still a whole lot more shit to burn/explode/disfigure/smash.

First off though, after all of you found out Rutger is going to be in the film, the response has been absolutely amazing. We are all in awe at how many of you guys are cheering us on, the excitement around here is at a Bob Marley high.”

Below you can catch Eisener’s blog introduction, and the first montage of images from the production.

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