Eastbound & Down
is a very good little show. I personally think it’s a dash under the ‘it’s the funniest thing since the war’ rave a lot of folks have given it, but it’s the best possible showcase for Danny McBride and there’s a lot of replay value to be had. Plus, baseball is prominent. There’s a line of thought that suggests the show is the perfect length and has the perfect ending. I mean, as a concise little story it does wrap itself up quite well.

But does anyone really care about the story? We want to see Kenny Powers making an utter ass of himself in the most vulgar and lunkheaded way possible.

Which is why this news pleases me. The new season takes place in Mexico and the show has added Michael Pena and Ana de la Reguera as Kenny Powers’ new friend (and owner of the baseball team he joins) and love interest, respectively. Anyone who saw Pena in Observe and Report know he’s capable of being funny as hell. De la Reguera is an unknown commodity as an actress (because Cop Out counts as nothing), but this.

Unfortunately, the only cast member from season one returning is the absolutely annoying Stevie Janowski character. His creepiness got interesting as last season wore on, but he’s a [intentional I know] fucking nightmare to look at and listen to.

I’m anxious to see how they pull it off.