Broken Lizard Industries is the umbrella that covers all the movies collectively created by the crew who made Super Troopers, Beerfest, and the recent Slammin’ Salmon, including films they either pen or produce. Though their movies have somewhat minimal impact on the global consciousness, these guys have become old pros at selling scripts, developing properties, and making very good friends in the comedy scene.

Especially Jay Chandrasekhar, BL’s chief director and a guy whose TV credits are a geek’s wet dream. A while back the boys wrote and sold a comedic Western called Mustache Riders for Johnny Knoxville to star in. Some of you may remember Jay from a few Jackass moments through the years.

The script is getting a polish by newly announced writers Robbie Pickering and Jase Ricci, probably spurred on (boom) by Knoxville (who also produces) to get the thing custom made for his skill set and ready for screens. Face it, the Broken Lizard style, though glorious to me, might benefit from Knoxville’s considerable gifts.

Way I see it, this thing will get made. And it’ll do well. That can only mean good things for us all as a people.

Fans of the Lizardmen can next see them in the upcoming Freeloaders, a film produced by Adam Duritz. Adam Duritz. That is not a typo.