Awhile back we brought word that, in all likelihood, Angelina Jolie was off the proposed sequel to Wanted.  The fact that her character had a parting of ways with living in the original apparently didn’t have any bearing on consideration for bringing her back for the sequel.  So what’s a hypercharged shootfest franchise to do?  Bring in Joan Jett to whack dudes I guess.  E! Online has it that Kristen Stewart is on the short list for the studio to replace Jolie opposite James McAvoy in Wanted 2

They’re going with the tried and true “sources tell,” “we hear”, “wouldn’t it be neat…” and other speculation routes, because its conjecture at best right now that a sequel is even happening.   Although, their sources do say that Stewart has both been approached and met with director Timur Bekmambetov.  That in itself of course could mean nothing.  And it could mean that K Stew will be curving munitions, reading fabric and surfing on rapid transit.  That’s what makes the rumor so exciting.  Okay, not really that exciting, but it’s out there, so consider yourself in the loop.